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If you service, rent, lease, or clean vehicles, vehicle damage claims are a part of your reality.


Vehicle Dealerships

BODYGUARD is designed to relieve the stress of damage claims in your service lane. Repairing scuffs/scrapes on the body and rims can be an expensive proposition when you know it didn’t happen on your watch. BODYGUARD is a great tool that turns potentially difficult discussions into an opportunity to improve customer service and loyalty. Product video or  Product Brochure


Rental / Car Share 

BODYGUARD is an advanced solution for rental car companies to track the condition of their vehicles. This technology captures detailed information about the vehicle's condition at both the time of rental and return, enabling rental car companies to identify any incremental damage caused by customers. With BODYGUARD, rental car companies can improve their operations and reduce costs associated with vehicle damage. Product Brochure or Product Video


Carwash / Vehicle Detailing

BODYGUARD is the ultimate solution for carwash owners and operators looking to protect their business from false damage claims. With BODYGUARD, you can capture every detail of a vehicle's condition both before and after the car wash, providing you with a detailed document that can be used to defend against any customer claims. Don't let false accusations damage your reputation, trust in BODYGUARD to provide you with the protection you need. Product Brochure


Valet Parking 

For valet parking facilities seeking to provide the highest level of service, BODYGUARD offers a comprehensive solution. Strategically placed at the entrance and exit, our system captures detailed vehicle condition information, reducing the risk of false damage claims. Trust BODYGUARD to help safeguard your customers' vehicles and your reputation.


Get Started Today

With a presence in 12 countries and over 10 million inspections completed, BODYGUARD is the trusted solution for documenting the condition of vehicles. To learn more and get started with our product, contact our team today. We'll connect you with a distribution and service partner in your area. Take the first step towards protecting your business and customers with BODYGUARD.

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