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Convenient DEQToo Testing

Introducing OSKAR - The Mobile Inspector, a cutting-edge solution designed for the Oregon DEQ Too™ Program. Our innovative product provides dealerships, fleet operators, and other locations with the ability to conduct On Board Diagnostic (OBD) tests on vehicles at their own convenience. With OSKAR, completing an OBD test is quick, easy, and hassle-free.

Our mobile inspector boasts a range of improved usability features that our customers have been asking for. OSKAR is user-friendly and can determine a vehicle's emissions health by simply plugging into the vehicle's OBDII port. Step-by-step instructions are provided through intuitive visual prompts, and the inspection takes less than a minute to complete.


Choose OSKAR - The Mobile Inspector for an efficient and effective solution to conducting OBD tests. Trust our reliable product to deliver convenience, accuracy, and ease-of-use every time.

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Streamlined Inspections

With Oskar, you can easily navigate through the inspection process with intuitive visual prompts. Plus, you can access your test history on the device, making it easy to find previous inspections. And with a simple click, you can link directly to the DEQ website. Trust our product to enhance your inspection experience.


Convenient offline Inspections

Oskar allows for seamless offline inspections to be performed in your parking lot without the need for network connections. All inspection data is stored and automatically transmitted once a network connection is established, ensuring your data is always up-to-date and accessible.


Dealer or Host: One Device

Test Your Entire Fleet with OSKAR. Our innovative device allows you to test both your own vehicles and customer vehicles, all from a single device. Simply select the test mode prior to starting the inspection.

Get started with OSKAR today!

Discover OSKAR - The Mobile Inspector, your efficient solution for on-board diagnostic (OBD) tests right at your doorstep. A pay-as-you-go model makes OSKAR an economic choice for dealerships, fleet operators, and vehicle service businesses alike.

OSKAR’s unique feature enables inspections in your parking lot sans network connection, saving data automatically to transmit when connectivity is restored.

To lease OSKAR, simply provide your name, business name, and email address at or contact us at 855.233.8632 #1. We'll promptly send you an e-fillable Lease Agreement, ready to address any queries you may have. Financial requirement forms, as mentioned in the Lease Agreement, will be sent separately for secure handling of financial information. We accept all payment card types, and can accommodate ACH or other electronic transfers per your convenience.

Program Details can be found at*

*BanaLogic does not have an exclusive arrangement with Oregon DEQ to provide the device or this service and DEQ does not endorse BanaLogic over any other telematics provider. 

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