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Frequently Asked Questions

  • OBD Firmware is Less than Expected Version
    Your OBD scanner has simply got confused and is not able to report it's version number. - You simply need a paper clip - Press it gently into the "Reset" hole, about 1/4 inch slight downward angle - When you press the reset, the lights will all flash and white scanner light will turn off and one - Wait about 5 seconds, you will hear a "beep" and the blue light should go solid. - If you were calibrating simply preform the self-check again - If you were trying to start an inspection, simply exit the main menu and restart the inspection.
  • How Do I Add or Remove a Technician?
    PennDOT handles all clerical needs when it comes to the inspection system. You should contact the Station helpline. When this has been completed on the state side: - From the Station Menu - Select Data File Refresh - Updated Station Report will be displayed. Confirm the technician list is correct.
  • How Do I change the Default Number of VIRS that are printed?
    From the Technician Menu Select System Maintenance Choose Station Configuration You will need to enter your Station Authority ID and Password. If you don't have this information, call us to reset it, as you will need it to access Station Configuration to change the number of VIR copies.
  • What is the ownership model for Oskar?
    With our device, it is a pay per usage structure, so you do not own the device. The more you do, the lower the cost per test. Tests after 80 inspections are free.
  • What vehicles can be tested in the DEQToo Program?
    Typically, only vehicles manufactured in 2005 or later can be tested in the DEQToo Program. Additionally, the vehicle must have a valid Electronic VIN Signature (E-VIN) for the inspection to proceed. If an E-VIN is not detected during the inspection, a notification will be displayed on the screen.
  • How To check Results & Pay DEQ for an E-Certification
    1. Goto website 2. Motorists will click on the Check Results (Dealerships/Fleets should follow steps 3-5) 3. Dealerships and fleets retrieve results through the Business Portal from the drop down menu on the right corner. 4. If a dealership vehicle, click on Dealerships. If the vehicle is part of a fleet, click on Fleets. 5. Type in the <dealership name> or <fleet name> and choose Search. 6.The test results will display with instructions associated with the results which may be printed by clicking on the Print This Page link. The most common instructions may indicate: (a) The vehicle was “Unready”; the website will indicate what that means. (b) That DEQ has failed the vehicle (Check Engine Light has been commanded “ON”); the website will indicate why and provide a link to DEQ’s Recognized Auto Repair Shops. (c) That DEQ has passed the vehicle; the website will give instructions on how to pay DEQ’s certification fee via the website. 7. At the top right of the Test Results page a "Pay Now" button is available. When a vehicle passes an emissions test, the instructions will inform the vehicle owner that they must pay DEQ’s certification fee via the DEQ Too E-Commerce website to obtain an E-Certificate. An E-Certificate is an official electronic record that proves the vehicle has passed the emissions test. It is required to renew the vehicle’s registration via the Oregon DMV (Driver and Motor Vehicle Services Division) Online Vehicle Registration Renewal System. The fee for the E-Certificate is non-refundable. The E-Certificate can only be used by motorists for vehicles that qualify for online renewal. Fleets and dealerships will be able to print out a paper copy to use how they normally conduct their DMV registration business.
  • Is it possible to convert my current dialup based machine to an internet based machine?
    If you machine was purchased 2019 or later than the answer is likely yes. Please call and speak to one of our NC technicians to confirm if you machine can be upgraded to use Internet connectivity.
  • I left my OBD in a customers car. Is that covered under my service agreement?
    Lost items are not covered under the service agreement but we would be happy to provide replacements through our e store or sales line.
  • My phone lines are not allowing me to connect to the state. Can you help?
    We are happy to assist as much as we can. Unfortunately many phone line providers are moving away from the phone line styles that are compatible with our analyzers. Contact us today if you are interested in switching over to one of our network based analyzers.
  • What do I need to do after my machine is delivered to complete setup and start inspecting if I am a new Inspection Station?
    Once your machine has been delivered, a state representative will have to come out to complete the approval process of your inspection station and assign your station an ID number. Once you have that number please give us a call and we will ensure that you are ready to go.
  • I am awaiting delivery of my new Banalogic Emissions Analyzer. What can I do to be prepared for delivery?
    Before delivery, please ensure that all necessary paperwork has been completed and filed with the state and that you have a CAT5, CAT5E, or CAT6 ethernet wire ran from your router/switch to the location you would like the analyzer installed.
  • What is the OBD port on my NC!E Emissions Analyzer cart used for?
    The OBD port on your NC!E Emissions Analyzer is only used to re-pair your OBD dongle to the Bluetooth on the analyzer.
  • Where can I buy toner for my printer?
    You can purchase toner anywhere that sales original manufacturer toners or through the support line at 1-855-233-8632 depending on model and availability.
  • Why are some inspection reports missing license plate information?
    ALPR (“Automated License Plate Recognition”) can fail to read a plate if the plate is obscured by dirt, snow, tinted plates, or anything similar. To maximize ALPR scan rate, ensure that vehicle plates are clear and readable at a distance before sending them through the lane.
  • If FASTLIGN doesn't read the plate, do I need to input it manually?
    If ALPR does not identify the license plate or the license plate does not identify (or incorrectly identifies the year-make-model of the vehicle) then you have two options: - From the hand-held scanner, select the vehicle and scan the barcode on the door jam or windshield - Alternately from the hand-held scanner or web interface simply select the Year-Make-Model from the list of options.
  • Vehicle YEAR - MAKE - MODEL does not appear in selection list
    If the vehicle you are looking for does not appear in the selection list there are a couple of options: - For newer vehicles, the specification may not be available yet - Specifications are updated on a periodic basis and requires the annual subscription fee to be paid. If your subscription has lapsed you will not receive further updates. It is recommended you contact the with the Year-Make-Model of the vehicle you are looking for.
  • Why are some recordings created without a license plate?
    The Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) program relies on the vehicle driving completely through the BODYGUARD tower system. It's recommend the vehicle clear the towers so the top camera is able to see the rear license plate (especially when a car may only have a rear plate). It's also possible if the plate is obscured by dirt, snow, tinted plate covers, or glare may also cause a plate to be missed. If you have identified the vehicle with no plate and you wish to add it, simply select recording and choose the "Edit Recording" button to add the plate. If you are concerned with the number of plates missing simply choose the "Report Issue" button on one of the records and indicate you concern. One of our customer experience team members will investigate and determine if there is an issue.
  • Can I zoom in one the images?
    Yes - You can. Use the Left and Right Arrow buttons shown below to navigate to the exact frame you wish to zoom in on. Once you are at the desired frame, with your mouse in the viewing area of the stopped video use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out. Click on the mouse when at the desired zoom and move the image around the viewing windows?
  • What happens if my internet goes offline? Does BODYGUARD still work?
    Yes, BODYGUARD will still work even if your internet goes offline. The system records the vehicles passing through the towers and turning on/off the lights. However, you will not be able to view the recorded images on the web application until your internet connectivity is restored. The system has sufficient storage capacity to function for many days, and in some cases, weeks before removing old recordings. The duration before vehicle recordings are removed depends on the traffic volume passing through the towers. NOTE: If you notice the lights are not turning on/off when vehicles cross-through it's recommended that you power cycle the BODYGUARD system - or reach out to our support team for additional direction.
  • Am I able to download all images for a particular vehicle?
    Yes! Simply locate the vehicle in question, and choose the blue "Download Recording" button. This will download all camera angles (6 for regular and 10 for tall version) into a single ZIP file. All files are in MP4 format. This may take a few minutes to prepare and download the package.
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