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Equipment Providers for the North Carolina Inspection Program since 2008.  Formerly BanaLogic - same company! New Name. 

Why Choose NC!E

NC!E is Version 2 of BanaLogic’s original BL-A100 Inspection Analyzer re-engineered for the North Carolina program. Hardware has been upgraded to provide optimum performance, reliability and ease of use. NC!E features an ergonomically designed cart, high speed printer, wireless barcode scanner, wireless OBD Inspection tool. NC!E still uses an energy efficient solid state embedded computing system to save energy and survive in harsh shop environments. Most importantly, we stand behind our product – At BL-Innovare customer service is an attitude, not a department!

NC!E’s unique plug-and-play design allows users to easily swap out components in the event hardware replacement is required


2-Year All Inclusive Warranty

  • FREE hardware replacements; next business day

  • FREE System Diagnostics & Software Updates

  • LOCAL Service & Support Technicians


Solid-State CPU

  • No moving parts

  • Swappable plug and play design & setup

  • Wireless OBD & Barcode Scanner

  • DMV Internet VPN Device


Purpose Built Cart

  • Made of scratch resistant power coated steel

  • Slide-out keyboard tray

  • Printer shelf with lockable storage area

  • Conveniently located hooks for storage

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