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Equipment Providers for the North Carolina Inspection Program since 2008.  Formerly BanaLogic - same company! New Name. 

Why Choose NC!E

NC!E is Version 2 of BanaLogic’s original BL-A100 Inspection Analyzer re-engineered for the North Carolina program. This internet-based solution with upgraded hardware, ensures optimal performance, reliability, and user-friendly operation. NC!E introduces a range of features, including an ergonomically designed cart, high-speed printer, wireless barcode scanner, and a wireless OBD Inspection tool.

Noteworthy is NC!E's integration with internet-based connectivity, enhancing its versatility and accessibility. The system still employs an energy-efficient solid-state embedded computing system, ensuring sustainability even in demanding shop environments. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction – at BL-Innovare, customer service is an attitude, not a department.

NC!E's distinctive plug-and-play design empowers users to effortlessly swap out components when hardware replacement is required, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience. Choose NC!E for cutting-edge technology with the convenience of internet connectivity, backed by BL-Innovare's dedication to excellence.


2-Year All Inclusive Warranty

  • FREE hardware replacements; next business day

  • FREE System Diagnostics & Software Updates

  • LOCAL Service & Support Technicians


Solid-State CPU

  • No moving parts

  • Swappable plug and play design & setup

  • Wireless OBD & Barcode Scanner

  • DMV Internet VPN Device


Purpose Built Cart

  • Made of scratch resistant power coated steel

  • Slide-out keyboard tray

  • Printer shelf with lockable storage area

  • Conveniently located hooks for storage

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