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NC!E Safety and Emissions Analyzer

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Introducing NC!E, the re-engineered version of BanaLogic's BL-A100 Inspection Analyzer designed specifically for the North Carolina emission testing program. With upgraded hardware, including an ergonomically designed cart, high-speed printer, wireless barcode scanner, and wireless OBD-II Inspection tool, NC!E provides optimal performance, reliability, and ease of use.

NC!E utilizes an energy-efficient, solid-state embedded computing system, making it both eco-friendly and durable enough to withstand harsh shop environments. We has been serving the North Carolina program since 2008 and employs knowledgeable local staff to provide exceptional customer service.

NC!E's unique plug-and-play design allows for easy component replacement if needed. Plus, with delivery, setup, and training already included in the cost, getting started with NC!E has never been easier. Choose NC!E and take the first step towards efficient and reliable vehicle inspections.


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