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PENN!E - Emissions Inspection Analyzer (OBD)

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Product Details

We are the ONLY vendor offering brand new equipment and software built specifically for the new PA Drive Clean Program requirements. Our products and services have been proven successful in the industry.

Just a FEW of PENN!E's many innovative features:

  • The industry's only integrated OBD interface and 2D barcode scanner. Wireless, high-performance and tough.
  • Wireless Gas Cap tester. BanaLogic engineered wireless technology embedded into the gas cap tester, charges and stows on analyzer cart.
  • User swappable, Solid-State Intel mini PC is designed for hi-performance use in tough shop environments. Customer software built for fast booting and efficient operation.
  • Gas cap adapters store around the cart's work surface for quick and ready use. Extra space for future expansion! Or your coffee!
  • Exclusive OBD Diagnostics. Only analyzer on the market that can read freeze frame data, DTCs and PIDs outside the inspection process.
  • Affordable replacement parts and accessories
  • 2 Year Bumper to Bumper warranty covers it all!

The purchase includes the delivery, setup, and training at your location.

Product code: BL-PAS101

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