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BL Innovare & ProofTec: Collaborative Efforts to Elevate Vehicle Condition Assessment Solutions


Markham, Ontario - 24 August 2023

ProofTec, a leading Australian Artificial Intelligence (AI) visual defect detection specialist, and BL Innovare, a trusted name in touchless vehicle inspection technologies, are exploring potential synergies through a collaborative approach in the realm of vehicle condition assessment. This partnership is poised to combine the strengths of both entities to provide a world-class end-to-end offering for customers globally.

ProofTec's sophisticated computer vision software will align with BL Innovare's BODYGUARD vehicle inspection platform. This will enhance what is achievable in vehicle condition understanding, insight, and improvement.

This collaboration will pave the way for a more streamlined integration of ProofTec and BL Innovare's offerings, bringing forward a cohesive hardware & software solution. This synthesis of two experienced brands will provide more options, enriched results and a superior experience for customers in the car rental, dealerships, car wash, and valet parking sectors.

Speaking about this exploration, BL Innovare's CEO Carol Kilner added, "Through collaboration with ProofTec and their computer vision software, we are actively exploring the potential opportunity to deliver customers with a holistic solution that promises enhanced results. We're optimistic about what the future may hold for diverse applications across the automotive sector."

In the same spirit, ProofTec’s CEO Danny Cohen shared, "We are delighted to collaborate with BL Innovare, a leading vehicle inspection hardware provider. By combining our advanced computer vision software with their cutting-edge hardware, we will be able to deliver an unparalleled end-to-end service offering to the market. Together, we will look to enable automotive businesses to leverage computer vision in ways that were previously unimaginable."


About ProofTec: Founded in 2020 and based in Sydney, Australia, ProofTec is a leading artificial intelligence (AI) surface detection platform. ProofTec’s proprietary AI visual defect detection technology provides our customers with the ability to deliver fast, accurate and independent external condition assessments, analysis, and remediation options for their high value assets. For further information, please email

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